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Sep 28, 2020

Holden Thorp is a chemist, biologist, inventor, and now editor-in-chief of Science magazine, which has the largest number of paid subscribers for a peer-reviewed general science publication in the world. He has served as provost at both Washington University and University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Holden Thorp is the author of the recent widely read essay at Science magazine, “Trump lied about science”.

Holden Thorp explains why he finally decided to publicly condemn Donald Trump and why America’s scientific community should have spoken out sooner about key questions of politics and society – especially in a time of crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic.

He also details how science is inherently political and that scientists have a profound responsibility to society – a claim which is directly counter to what many Trump-supporters and other reactionary conservatives dishonestly try to assert.

And Holden Thorp shares his deep worry that after the pandemic, deep social inequality will remain unaddressed, which in turn will mean that the next national (or global) health emergency will be even worse and therefore more devastating for the most vulnerable Americans.


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