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Aug 17, 2022

*** This is a special combined episode of The Truth Report and The Chauncey DeVega Show***

Brynn Tannehill is a leading trans activist and essayist. She has written for such leading publications as The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and The Advocate.

Tannehill is a former United States Naval Aviator and officer who also served as a campaign analyst for the 5th Fleet Headquarters in Bahrain. After leaving the military, she worked as a senior defense research scientist in private industry.

Tannehill is the author of several books including American Fascism: How the GOP is Subverting Democracy.

Tannehill explains that the Republican-fascist movement is in full revolutionary mode and will not stop until America’s pluralistic multiracial democracy is destroyed.

She highlights the need to use the correct moral language to describe the Republican-fascists and Trump-led anti-democracy movement as evil and why the Democratic Party and too many centrist “reasonable” liberal and progressive types are unable to do what is necessary to save American democracy.

Tannehill also separates fact from fiction regarding what is actually known about Donald Trump being investigated by the Department of Justice for allegedly violating the Espionage Act and betraying America’s nuclear and other most closely guarded secrets.

She details a scenario where Donald Trump is (finally) arrested and charged with committing high crimes, then escapes responsibility, and the United States spirals into widespread neofascist violence and other deadly mayhem.

Chauncey DeVega reflects on the pressures of writing “hot takes” about America’s escalating crises, why so many public voices succumb to chasing controversy and “if it bleeds it leads”, and the necessity of being calm, cool, and collected during this national emergency.


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