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Jun 1, 2024

Last Thursday, Donald Trump was found “guilty” in his New York hush-money and election interference trial. He is now the first former or sitting president to be convicted of a felony. Given these historic events, I am sharing my conversation with Glenn Kirschner here on The Truth Report about Trump’s trial(s) and the extreme danger(s) he continues to pose to the country and its democracy. My conversation with Glenn Kirschner was recorded several weeks ago.


Glenn Kirschner is an NBC News/MSNBC on-air legal analyst and teaches criminal justice at George Washington University. He has a YouTube channel and Podcast, “Justice Matters with Glenn Kirschner.” Kirschner is also a former federal prosecutor with 30 years of trial experience. He served in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia for 24 years, rising to the position of Chief of the Homicide Section. In that capacity, Kirschner supervised 30 homicide prosecutors and oversaw all homicide grand jury investigations and prosecutions in Washington, DC.

He explains why and how Donald Trump (and his confederates) have been able to evade serious accountability for their public crime spree against American democracy and society, including the Jan. 6 coup attempt and lethal terrorist attack on the Capitol.

Kirschner cautions that contrary to the mainstream media’s narrative that the “walls are closing in” on Donald Trump given his multiple criminal and civil trials where he may face hundreds of years in prison and hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and judgements, the reality of the situation is much more perilous and uncertain.

He warns that Donald Trump and the Republican fascists and the larger “conservative” movement are trying to kill American democracy and will not stop until they achieve their goal of unlimited power and putting Dictator Trump in the White House.


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